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inIn the book of Ruth, I was listening to the audio reading of Ruth and Naomi’s story in chapter 1. I was again drawn to the character of Ruth, who was determined to stick by her widowed mother in law -Naomi, despite the death of her own husband. Ruth was willing to travel to a strange land, giving up all that she knew and was accustomed to  in her home land. In Ruth Chapter 1:16-18, she”echoes…wherever you go I will go, and wherever you lodge , I will lodge. Your people will be my people and Your God my God.”

This reminded me that God rewards us and remembers every sacrifice or commitment that we make, have made and  will make- in order to honour Him. I believe that Ruth at the the time didn’t know the end result of her decision, but she was determined to do the right thing by her mother in law  and God honours that.

Today, let us be encouraged and take comfort in knowing that we have an all seeing God who in interested the affairs and details of our lives. The sooner we begin to accept and believe that, our emotional, mental, spiritual  and professional lives will be intertwined and we will begin to experience the peace of God that passeth all our understanding.

At the end of Ruth’s story, we see that she was rewarded with her live’s Partner, who had  everything and more that her heart desires. Who knows? What would have happened, had Ruth decided to remain in her homeland?

Ruth reminded us that when we choose to do the right thing, God rewards us in ways that we could not have asked, think or imagined.