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How many times has something happened in our lives or in the lives of our loves ones and we immediately wonder why does this happen or does God actually care about this particular aspect of our lives? We know the word and what it says, but there are  times when we are faced with some of lives greatest hurdles and tests, we sensed what our core thought process and the level of our faith is made up of.

Take for example when someone who is close to us becomes captive  to the incurable disease of cancer, or become another victim of societie’s hyenous crimes or to an untimely tragic death.

Listening to the song: Victory Belongs to Jesus by Todd Dulaney, made me refelect and appreciate again that Victory belongs to Jesus regardless of where we are or what is happening in our lives. I made a conscious decsion right this very moment to surrender everything in my life to Jesus.

In deed, despite of Covid -19, despite of the silent lethal  killer cancer eating away the lives of those who we love and know, despite the inequlaities that we experience in our professional lives, desite the lack of revival and yearning that we so desire in our spiritual walk, despite of the delayed dreams, the unfulfilled promises that haven’t yet come to fruition: Victory without a shadow of a doubt belongs to King Jesus today, tomorrow and forever.