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August has ended, September has arrived, we can officially  say that summer is almost over. This week the hussle and bussle of returning to school will resume. Since the 26th March 2020, most schools and teachers have not graced the entrace of normality of returning into the classrroms, even though most if not all schools have been opened right throughout the pandemic in order to accomodate our vulnerable and key workers children.

Tomorrow our school reopens, we have 3 days of Inset training before students return on the 7th September. There is a lot of uncertainties surrending our new method of working, but most of these questions should be rectified and clarified within the next two days of Inset.

This school  year September 2020 will certainly be a new way of working and travelling to and from work. Masks are now compulsory in public places. I feel like a gasping for dear life whenever I put a mask on my face, I have been practising and training myself to adapt to the new approach of wearing these.  Trust it will only improve over time.

My prayer is that we will not be visited by a second wave during or after the winter, this could prove to be  quite costly. However, whatever the situation brings- we have to be prepared.