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Surving and thriving through Covid _19
Many have lost  loved ones, lost jobs, lost homes, lost friendships,  lost promotions, lost colleges/ university placements, lost relationship and some have  even  lost part of themselves during this unexpected and turbulent season of Carona virus pandemic.
Wherever we are in this journey of living through and overcoming this pandemic, I pray that you will know that this too shall past. After the  night , comes day break . I trust that your light will come through as you   navigate your way to some kind of new normal and routine.
Yesterday,  I rediscovered that, recent studies have shown that it takes approximately 66 days for routine  habits to form.
So, in our school settings, the education board has outlined new guidelines that school should put into place in order to main social distancing and keeping the virus at bay.
Like many teachers in my position, we are looking forward to teaching live lessons again , however I’m not looking forward to  the different challenges that lay ahead as we navigate the  Covid -19 year, but I  promised to embrace  and take life one day at a time- in order to navigate the new norms and working conditions.
In order to do this, I must:
*write and embody daily affirmations of why I do this job and the impact that I’m making.
*See my worst class and most challenging students as the future builders, leaders and visionaries.
*Accept that there in still institutional racism in the leadership of schools and society .
*Never see myself as a victim, but a victor, ahead and beneath,  the head and not the tail.
*Look after my spirit, emotional,  physical, professional wellbeing.
*Pray, meditate and excerpt every day.
*Write daily thoughts or encouragement for my blog.
*Know that God still answers prayers
*Keep it moving-whatever we do-keep it moving.