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Every good and perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variables, neither shadow of turning. 

Thank you Heavenly Father for this good gift that you have given me until death us do part. Lord, may we always hold each other  dear to our heart. 

I’ve recognised that each day is a gift and we must cheerish the  breathe we have in our lungs. The air that we breathe- the steps that we take. The smile that curve our faces. The laughter that vibrates the air ways. The warmth cuddly and comfortable hugs. The gentle touch of assurance. The affirmation of -I love you – mi Amor.

Heavenly Father, I pray that we will cherish each day that we spend in each other’s company; witnessing our  journey and soaring through life’s comapany and narrow lanes. May we always keep you right at the centre of all we do. We present our family, marriage, vocation, ministry and our hope in your almighty hand. Continue to perfect everything that concerns my beloved husband whom you’ve gifted unto me Dear Lord.


I pray for good health, strength, peace of God, knowledge, wisdom and integerity in all his dealings in Jesus Name. I pray daily illumination of your presence. May he be a consistent carrier of your presence Lord. May signs and wonders  follow Him where ever he goes. Mau he be an embodiment of your proomises.


Father you declared: eyes have not seen, ears have  not heard, neither has it entered the heart of a man the plans that you have for such a one who will seek after you with all their heart. May my beloved find such favour with your Dear Lord.


May his children, offspring, ppers, colleagues, brother, sisters, strangers, his enemies arise and call him bless. 


Thank you for this good gift Lord. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to engage and speak with you Lord. Thank you for answering my prayer Lord.


Many deep waters cannot quenceh love-neither can floods drown it. Thank you for granting me this experience of such love.

I love you mi Amor. May we grow in favour, status, grace and power of the Lord Jesus Christ- fulfilling his perfect will for our lives.

Happy Birthday- Mine for ever




Birthday Prayer For My Husband

Praying for the ones we love is one of the most powerful and cathartic experience that you could undertake for them and for yourself. Prayer connects the mind, soul, body and spirit. You release an overwhelming flow of peace and assurance that money cannot buy.

Speaking and declaring the word of God over your loves one will help them to become the person that he has created them to be.

So, go ahead. Give yourself permission and the right to start praying for and over the ones you love.