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A Quote A Day Keep the Mind Bug Away

Life is full of twist and turns, but be true to yourself and never loose Hope..

Encouraging Quotes!

by | May 25, 2020

Quotes By Melonie

  • To remain silent when the situation requires speech is total injustice to yourself. 
  •  A heart without passion is like water without a source.
  •  Where there is a desire to succeed. There will be change. 
  •  One of the greatest discoveries I’ve ever made, Is to realize that I can do the very thing that I once feared the most.
  • Your desire to succeed must be greater than going to bed at night. 


  • We need all kinds of people in our lives, the good, bad, critic, sceptic and the encourager. As they all contribute to your ultimate success. 


Encouraging Quotes

  • Our life consists of what we see, hear, feel, taste, love, hate and appreciate. It is the daily choices of our road to success or ultimate destruction. 


  • Never stop dreaming for the day you stop will be the day you eventually die.

  • Believing in yourself is your God given right. To do otherwise is total eradication of oneself. 

Quotes of reflection

  • Life for me is living in the present but yearning to change or carve a better more exotic, fulfilled future; for my family, friends and those whose life I’m able to make a positive contribution towards.